Daily Life

"Sometimes over the summer I actually look forward to coming back to school." — 5th year boy

Our pupils are taught and tutored in year groups, from lower first to fifth year. Boys progress through school with their peers, encouraging deep and lasting friendships and a shared history.

Strong pastoral care supports development

Our staff, parents and the pupils themselves provide the foundation for a strong pastoral care system to support the development of each boy as he learns and grows in preparation for exams and entrance to St Paul's.

Interests and passions

We encourage boys to spend time involved in our sports clubs and societies as well as join in with extra-curricular academic activities to offer as broad an education as possible and the chance to discover their own interests and passions.

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Quality of learning

Most important though is the quality of learning the pupils engage in with the guidance of our outstanding teaching staff. We encourage independent thinking and broad learning from the earliest age as part of the ethos of a Colet Court and St. Paul's education, reflected in our examination results, but most vitally found in our boys themselves. Every day Coletines are full of questions and answers and their routines are full of activity and reflection, enterprise and enquiry.

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