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Upcoming events

  • Oct6House meetings
  • Oct6U11 ABCD v The Dragon (A) (boys miss p5)
  • Oct6U10 ABCDE v Donhead (H)
  • Oct7First and Third Year trip to Kew Gardens
  • Oct7U12 ABC(x2) v The Dragon (A) (boys miss p5)
  • Oct71st 2nd 3rd XV v The Dragon (H)
  • Oct8John Colet Day Service
  • Oct8U10-U11 Swimming Gala v DPL (A) (boys miss p8)
  • Oct9U11 ABCDE v St George's Weybridge (A)
  • Oct9Lower First to Fifth Year effort grades available via the parent portal
  • Oct101st 2nd 4th XV v RGS Guildford (H)
  • Oct10U12 ACD v RGS Guildford (H)