The Arts

“I like The Arts because you can do lots of stuff.” — 3rd year boy

As part of our all round education, we foster a strong interest in The Arts. We encourage musical, dramatic and artistic endeavour from the earliest years here.

Boys are encouraged to explore their creative sides


Throughout their time with us boys are encouraged to explore their creative sides through a rich provision of concerts, plays and performances as well as practical experience in our photography darkroom and kiln or viewings of recent work in the Milton Gallery.


Through art we provide opportunities for each pupil to develop his potential to the maximum in a learning environment that is both challenging and enjoyable. The atmosphere in the Art room fosters a spirit of cooperation, tolerance, hard work and self-reliance.

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Through Drama we seek to enrich the life of the school and its pupils. All boys have a timetabled Drama lesson each week and we  encourage pupils to draw on their experience of the real world in order to create a make-believe world.

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We provide a comprehensive, challenging and exciting musical education to all boys, catering for all ranges of ability, from those taking music lessons for the first time to those who show exceptional talent.

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